Neil Cahn, Principal

The Right Way to Divorce

There is no one right way. The right way for you is affected by your financial understanding and needs, your emotional goals, and the welfare and future of your children. The right way for you is also affected by the path chosen by your spouse.

Some couples are best served by using Mediation. Others need the additional resources of the Collaborative Divorce process to reach their agreement. Other clients require the use the powerful tools available in a litigated divorce to reach their result, whether also by agreement or as decided by a judge.

Regardless of your chosen path, Neil Cahn is here to help you with Compassion, Dignity, Trust, and Skill.

Practice Areas


Despite the best intentions of one spouse to resolve matters by agreement using Mediation or the Collaborative Divorce Process, the formal procedures available in litigation and the need to have decisions made by a judge are sometimes unavoidable.


Although the marriage itself may be ending, Mediation is a process that builds on the capacity of the spouses to continue to work things out together. At a time when that ability may be severely challenged, an experienced Mediator can help the couple focus on a resolution that fairly meets each party’s goal and interests.

Collaborative Divorce

There are times when a single neutral Mediator is not enough to gather, evaluate and help resolve the personal and financial issues. Collaborative Divorce offers more resources and more powerful support for the couple than any single Mediator can.


With rare exception, those about to enter, and those living through or leaving a marriage may make their own rules, and change them from time to time when circumstances dictate. Whether they need to be simple or highly complex, prenuptial, postnuptial, separation, divorce settlement and post-divorce agreements can help parties meet the future and stay out of Court.